Bulimia Dangers You Need To Know

Bulimia affects not only the whole body, but your mental well being as well. Bulimia can affect the nervous system, kidney, cardio, skin, bones, and the hormonal system. The most common is mineral depletion. This has a negative effect on the heart, bones and skin. A sufferer can faint easily, and feel lethargic all throughout the day.

Another bulimia danger is electrolyte deficiency. Electrolyte disturbance can lead to cardiac arrest. The heart can stop beating as a result of extremely low levels of potassium and other electrolytes.

The digestive system is in danger if you suffer from bulimia. Gastric acid from vomiting can cause erosion of the esophagus and the throat. This can cause the stomach to experience problems with their bowel movement. The bowel becomes sluggish making the sufferer constipated. Other bulimia dangers include blood in the vomit, abdominal cramps, bloating, and sore throat.

In the early stages of bulimia, the mental health of the sufferer gets affected easily. Sufferers oftentimes appear to lose sense of appetite. Bulimics have high levels of anxiety and depression. This is due to the fact that sufferers tend to stay away from their loved ones and friends so as to hid away their disorder.

Other bulimia dangers include extreme feelings of guilt. They feel guilt over letting their disorder get the best of them, but they also feel guilt for eating normal amounts of food for non-sufferers but seem too much for bulimic sufferers.

Bulimia sufferers often complain about aches and pains in their bones and joints. Weakening of the spine can cause severe back aches. Skin complications can occur for bulimics like a change in skin color.

Women sufferers of bulimia have found that their skin becomes really dry looking. Signs of inflammation and irritation can appear from time to time, thus the youthful glow that they once had gradually disappears.

Bulimia dangers range from physical to emotional, from organ damage to skin complications and overall glow. The best way to eliminate these complications is to avoid bulimia altogether. If you suffer from bulimia or you know someone close to you who suffers from bulimia one must seek professional help immediately so as to slowly but surely eradicate the problem. Bulimia sufferers need the help and support of their family members, and they need to be understood.

By Macy Kailas, read Getting the right help for Uk marriage visa Anorexia-Bulimia.

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