For good search engine optimization the building of backlinks is essential. Backlinks are basically links that lead to your website from outside websites. There are many different types of backlinks, some good for your website, and others that either have no effect or even negative effect. It’s important that the backlinks that you build are relevant to your website and have good anchor text.

In general the idea of backlinks is that if your website is relevant and well built people will like it and automatically link to it, however, in the real world that is very difficult and you can’t entirely rely on that. There are ways to building backlinks that are both effective and fairly easy. It’s a matter of knowing how to do it right. Good was to build backlinks is through directories as well as posting to forums and blogs. There are also article directories that you can write articles for providing a backlink to your website.

Getting listed in directories is one of the best ways to build good backlinks. Keep in mind that there are some directories that aren’t trusted, and may have either no effect or even a negative effect to your websites rating and indexing. So make sure that you find good and relevant directories to list with. One way to do this is if your website is for a local business or specific topic, there are local directories as well as all kinds of topic specific directories which you can safely build backlinks. Building backlinks can be done with major search engine directories such as Yahoo or DMOZ. This is a great practice as they are trusted as well as searchers will have direct access to your website. What’s great is that most directory listings are free, especially the major ones, however, you may have to wait a couple of months in order to get your website listed.

Another great way to build backlinks is through forums and blogs. It’s vital that you find relevant forums and blogs for building backlinks, as otherwise it will do your website no good. The good thing about such backlinks is that you determine the anchor text, which is very important. Keep in mind when you are posting though, it’s important that you keep your posts relevant and informed. In most cases blog and forum administrators delete or edit posts which are not relevant to their posts, which means you’ve wasted your time. Also, check the forums and blogs that you post to, as there are some which the administrator has blocked index on, which in turn does absolutely nothing for your websites ranking.

Lastly, as important as building backlinks is, it’s even more important to build them properly. It’s very easy to get pulled into black hat methods of building backlinks. These methods can lower your ranking, waste time and money, and even get your website removed from a search engine altogether. Such methods include linking from link farms, buying links in bulk, or linking from illegal or spam sites. Avoid these practices at all costs.

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