Budget Wedding: Grooming The Old Car For The Big Event

Weddings are as lovely and romantic as they are very pricey. Let us not argue that fact. From the time leading to the big day when the boy flashes out the engagement ring to his honey to the honeymoon vacation, everything reeks of a dollar sign. But as any penny pincher will tell you, you can always cut cost.

Cutting cost shouldn’t be tough. You can still have the dream wedding you want, just look for the cheaper version. Cutting cost may mean having roses or carnation instead of the easily-wilt tulips. Or look for bargain stores that give discount when you buy a bulk of that variety. You may make your own memento, your gown and the garments may be sewed or rented, catering may be cooked by a relative, and your friend volunteers may organize the music and the whole event. Everything can be bought or made less expensive. Well, nearly.

But there are still some things that remain costly even if there are comparatively cheaper already. Your wedding car can cost you from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand. Even the comparatively cheaper car rental services still cost hundreds of dollars.

So why not utilize your own old but running automobile instead? Turn your old car into a stunning vintage. The difference between the two is that old is outdated, while vintage is retro. People are going for retro nowadays so even if your car is already decades old, you can save money by turning it into your wedding car instead of renting.

You can do this by grooming your ride. The great thing about grooming your own ride to serve on your wedding day is that not only will it save you hundreds of dollars, you also get to restore your car’s magnificence as well. And this just won’t last for a couple of hours on your wedding day. Consider this: you need to maintain your vehicle anyway, so why not totally go for the full grooming service on your big day?

Vintage is considered as stylish and chic today. You don’t have to trouble yourself even if your car doesn’t scream high-end. Your old Volks would even do if it is still in good working shape. Color isn’t an issue anymore also. While only white would do in the past, any other color available will as well do so no need for a fresh paintjob.

But of course, don’t overlook the “necessary” embellishments. Add the “Just Married” banner and the blossoms on the hood and you’re good to go.

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