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A big complaint for those of us who cook with fresh herbs and spices is the tedious work of finely chopping them. Dried herbs and spices do not present this problem because they already come finely minced or chopped.

However, when you are turning out large batches of food for a special occasion, the task of mincing becomes almost overwhelming. To prepare your herbs properly to the texture you desire, you most often make use of a cutting board and a sharp knife. But you might consider purchasing an herb mill if you are not accomplished at chopping, have trouble holding knives or do not have good, sharp ones at hand in your kitchen.

A herb mill is a machine that does the job of mincing and chopping without the monotony of manual labor. This amazing device is like a grinder. A herb mill is simple to operate. As with a grinder, the ingredients are placed into a container at located at the top of the machine and then the handle is turned to process the material. The handle moves the blades within and pushes the herbs and spices through. Once the ingredients are completed, they drop into a receiving area below.

These machines can also be referred to as an herb grinder, spice mill, or even an electric herb mill. The electric version is similar to a blender, in that it is push button remote, and not dependent upon turning the handle like a crank.

These products can be found in many home stores, and are manufactured by many different companies. There should be different brands available to choose from in most stores, with varying prices.

When purchasing one of these for your own use, it’s important to consider how often you will actually use it in your kitchen. Carefully weigh the amount of time you intend to use it when comparing different models and prices. If you do not plan to use it often, then a cheaper model that uses manpower to grind with the handle may be acceptable.

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