Broadband V Dial Up – Speed Matters

We have all heard the term “broadband” but what exactly is it? Broadband is a term for an internet service that is more than two times faster than a dial up system. When using a dial up internet connection you probably are making use of the telephone line to access the internet.

To utilize broadband, a phone line is not strictly necessary, and today for example, a lot of people connect via their satellite TV systems. Even though broadband is often routed through your phone line, it is an additional service and this means no more getting cut off when a telephone call comes in, or having to log off the internet if you want to make an outgoing telephone call. In fact today, with the latest VOIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, you can even make your phones calls over the internet too.

The reason that broadband is so popular, is that it is so much faster than dial up. This is because it uses a much bigger bandwidth. Bandwidth is the thing that determines how much electronic data can be transferred at any one point in time. In simple terms it is rather like a water pipe; the larger the diameter of the pipe the more water can pass through it, and the same applies to bandwidth. The larger the bandwidth, the more electronic data can pass through

In essence, broadband gives you the facility to surf the net so much quicker. Most companies sell their services by extolling the amount of bandwidth they provide. But they also play down the fact that the more people that are using the service, the slower it will be, and also, in some countries, the farther your connection point is away from the closest exchange, the slower the service can be.

The service can be sold to many more people that what the bandwidth will allow because the chances are very good that not everyone will be using the internet at the same time. It is also acceptable to over sell the capabilities because someone who does regular searching online does not take up as much of the space as someone that does more technical things like downloading music and such.

Many of the people that use the broadband systems do so just to surf for information or products. This does not use much space in the bandwidth. The difference between someone just performing normal search functions and someone that is downloading movies or downloading music is probably three or more fold.

Broadband has totally changed what we use the internet for today. With the old dial up system, downloading music or movie files would have taken hours; today, using broadband, it takes only seconds.

The broadband system has offered the internet providers the ability to charge more for their services. You can choose the slower dial up system and save some money per month or you can go with the slightly more expensive broadband or high speed option and experience the internet in the way it was intended to be experienced.

For the great majority there is only one choice; broadband! Once you have tried it out for yourself, it is extremely unlikely that you would ever consider going back to dial up again.

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