Facet syndrome, also called facet joint syndrome or facet disease, is a chronic disease that can be a source of serious back pain. We are going to briefly explain the symptoms of this disease and the root cause. We will also be looking at some treatments.

Two facet joints are present on each vertebra. They connect the vertebrae together. They allow for a moderate amount of spinal twisting and bending. When they are healthy, cartilage cushions are present in the joint. This cartilage protects the joints during normal spinal movements. Due to injury or deterioration or wearing away with age, it may no longer provide effective protection. When this happens, the bones of the joints rub together, which is painful. Also, the spine may be out of alignment. This may be caused by injury or poor posture. Bad alignment causes stress to the facets and this causes pain.

Facet problems are typically located either in the neck or in the lower back. Lower back facet problems cause pain in the lower back, the buttocks, or the back of the thighs. They can also make some movements such as rising out of a chair difficult. Neck problems can cause neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and problems moving the head. Both forms can cause general stiffness.

Since other conditions such as injuries can cause symptoms similar to facet syndrome, they must be eliminated as part of the diagnostic process. X rays or MRI scans will usually find other possible causes for the symptoms. If these are negative, a facet joint block may be performed. This applies a temporary anaesthetic to the appropriate facet joints. If this reduces the symptoms, then we have our diagnosis.

The first treatment step is a mixture of exercise, physical therapy, and posture correction. This is often successful at reducing the symptoms. If it is not, then the nerves in the appropriate facet joints can be destroyed via radiofrequency rhizotomy. This surgical procedure uses an application of electricity.

These are the basic facts on facet syndrome. It is a serious condition, but it is also not difficult to treat in most cases. Surgery is available as a last resort.

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