Breville BES820XL – The Best Espresso Machine For The Money!

An Espresso Machine was on my mind for quite a long time and my list contained two important features. The features were; simple to use and it must fit within my budget. While keeping both of these features in mind, I shopped around and was pleased to find the Breville BES820XL Espresso Machine. When compiling my list of needs in an espresso machine, this espresso machine completed the list and it can be purchased for about $489.00, which fit in my budget. This espresso machine gave me the choice between well thought-out programming or manual operation. The built-in programming software operates to extract the correct amount of coffee with a push of one button. Even a greenhorn like me can do it.

A Thermoblock heating system, that permits 3 discharges of hot water into the filter head, is standard on the machine. The discharges of hot water develop an increase in pressure that boosts the espresso pods or coffee grounds so that captured air is cleared away and the espresso machine pulls out additional crema to make an espresso that is creamy tasting and full bodied. The pressure gauge on the face of the espresso machine then directs to above or below Optimum Zone or good or poor homemade espresso. The Optimum Zone, when properly positioned for pouring, allows the coffee drink that is manufactured at optimum pressure to have a rich layer of coppery crema.

The espresso machine increases the temperature of the water in addition to providing a swivel-action steam when you are ready to produce steam for frothing milk. The Auto-Purge function will return the water temperature to the right level for brewing once the frothing is complete. It even turns itself to Power Save mode if you don’t use it for an hour and then turns off completely when not used for three hours. I don’t have to worry about leaving the machine on when I go out. If I do, it will take care of itself!

The espresso machine has far exceeded my expectations for a quality espresso machine at an affordable price. It couldn’t be easier to use and I always get the perfect cup of coffee no matter what I make. My coffee maker came with a user manual with recipes and I have enjoyed trying new coffees and have even discovered some new favorites. Whether you want an espresso machine to provide you with a great cup of coffee every morning or to have for those chilly days where you don’t want to leave the house, this is a great choice!

I’ve had this espresso machine for four weeks and I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s made of high quality parts, is easy to use and it has made my kitchen look more professional. Find the right grind consistency for your taste and you will love the results of your morning brew! The 360 degree swivel arm makes the steamer wand operate efficiently and with ease of use. Purchasing the Breville BES820XL Espresso Machine will be the right choice for the coffee or espresso lover.

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