Boxes? Check. Packing Tape? Check. Moving Blankets? Check.

Imagine this: you have just bought a new home. You carefully pack all your precious belongings into a moving truck and drive it to the new place. When you get there, you open the back of the truck to find total destruction.

Your pictures are covered with broken glass, your tables are scratched and worn-looking, and the antique dresser your grandmother passed down is in splinters. You, and your belongings, deserve better than that.

Next time, use moving blankets when you pack to ensure your belongings are treated gently, no matter how rough the move.

Wood furniture, including tables, dressers, and bed frames, should also be covered before anything is stacked on top of them. Once the wood is protected with a moving blanket, cardboard boxes can be stacked on top without needing to worry about scratching or dents.

There are a few different varieties of moving blankets. They can range from a simple, thin cotton or felt blanket of various weights to a thicker padded or quilted variety that provides more protection for delicate or antique items. Thin blankets are useful for preventing excess bulk if a homeowner has limited space to store or pack items.

When looking into moving blankets, remember that the quilted furniture covers can be used for specific sizes of furniture. Because these covers fit snugly over a piece of furniture, you have less risk of the blanket moving around or falling off the furniture during the move.

Thinking about buying your moving blankets? They can be used after moving to protect items in storage or to soundproof a room.

However, if there is no need for this, rental is a good option. Most moving companies offer moving blanket rentals as part of their services.

When you’re getting ready to move, remember that a moving company doesn’t always held liable if some of your belongings get damaged in the move. Using moving blankets can help you rest easy, knowing your possessions are less likely to be damaged in the process.

Why risk it? The blankets are inexpensive to buy or rent, and the protection and peace of mind they’ll give you is well worth it.

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