Boulder Chiropractor Relieves Pain Associated With Slipped Discs

Enduring the throbbing of a slipped disc can be just about unbearable. For those of you have not suffered from this condition, you cannot possibly know how much it can affect a sufferer’s daily routine. Not only must they deal with the direct pain, they must deal with their reduced mobility and the mental stress that it can inflict. Do you have a slipped disc and live in Colorado? Try seeking a Boulder chiropractor assist you in your misery.

The spine is the main structural feature of the body that also serves as the primary shield of the vital spinal cord. Essentially this is the lifeblood of our nervous system that controls every electrical signal from our brain that essentially allows us to survive.

There are 33 distinct vertebral bones piled upon one another in a stack to make up the spinal column. Each of these bones is connected to each other and buffered by specialized discs that composed primarily of cartilage.

When you suffer a slipped disc, it most commonly occurs in the neck or cervical region, or in the lumbar or lower back region. The slip is more appropriately described as a hernia. A hernia is a tear or perforation of a layer of exterior tissue resulting in the bulging of the interior tissue.

These slips can directly impact the nervous system, causing moderate-to-severe pain in the immediate area. This pain can radiate from the source down into the upper and lower legs, or down the arms into the hands.

There is no true consensus on the mode of action that should be taken to address the complications of a slipped disc. Rest and relaxation may eventually help some people suffering from moderate or mild conditions; however more severe forms may require surgery. An alternative to either of these is to seek the assistance of a chiropractor. A chiropractor can manipulate the disc and the vertebras back into their standard position, thereby reducing pain and complications.

There is no need to suffer endlessly with a bulging herniated disc. There are options, you just need to seek out all the opinions available, like a Boulder chiropractor and make the decision that works best for you.

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