Boston Red Sox Getting Back On Track

This has not been a season that the faithful of the Red Sox want to remember, there have been a ton of issues that have formed with the team in the past few seasons. This team is a far cry from the glory that they had no more than five years ago. Since the day that the curse was broken the team has seemed to be under a new curse. This new curse has made the team look less than stellar. The Faithful of the Red Sox are holding out hope that there is still time left to bring the team back from the edge and get them back on track.

The bullpen is one area that needs some serious work when it comes to the teams troubles. There are several things that will work in getting the team back on track. The biggest of these things is a pitcher that can get the game going and hand off to the closer to finish things out. There seems to be a lack of this momentum when you look at the bullpen. There is a severe lack of ambition that is in the pitching rotation. The talent that is there is beginning to wear thin.

A decent closer that can hold batters at the plate and prevent massive plays from being made is also a crucial thing that needs to be addressed. This is a problem that has hurt the team for the past several years. The more that they try, the less they are able to find decent closers. This will be a problem that will continue to plague the team the longer that they try to get past this issue. This will be a very important aspect that will need to be considered when you are looking to get the team back on track.

There has also been a severe lack of batting power when it comes to the batting order for the Sox. With the departure of Johnny Damon this left a large gap in the power of Boston’s lineup. This hole has been something that has given the team a lot of trouble over the past several seasons. David Ortiz was supposed to be the one key that held the team together, this as a result was supposed to be the one area that the team had faith in knowing that the team was well on track to being a powerhouse in the baseball community.

Overall the team is looking like they are on the road to have a very long and bad second part of the season. This will as a result mean that the Red Sox will be watching the World Series from the comfort of their home, instead of being a part of it. If the rebuilding is continuous, then the team does have a little hope of being able to play in the Fall Classic next season. There is no reason why fans, need to give up on the Red Sox, they just need to pray harder that the team finds their way back from the darkness.

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