Body Cleansing’s Many Benefits

A body cleanse program is an old health technique that has survived thousands of years. Health professionals and proponents alike profess health benefits. Cleansing can help you remove internal built up waste that can cause excess weight and fat. Other benefits include; healthier, clearer skin, more energy, silkier hair, and an overall younger look.

Body cleansing is, by nature, a healthy practice. Whole herbs help the body balance and get rid of toxic buildup that may accumulate. Keep in mind that pharmaceutical laxatives, which can cause dehydration, are not part of a cleanse.

Laxatives work completely different in your body. They cause dehydration and cramps as your body reacts to and then attempt to eliminate this toxin. Be careful of these as well as the overly-powerful senna; a fruit seed that may be addictive to your bowels.

Herbs are considered by holistic health professionals to be condensed nutrition. This means one ounce of herbs can pack the same nutritional wallop as a pound of vegetables. The type of herbs used are those that give strength to your natural cleansing organs like the liver and kidneys.

For added benefit of your body cleanse, try adding green superfoods. Some of these include kelp, barley grass, wheat grass, and chlorella. They attract and absorb toxins from your bloodstream, which helps your body remove them easier. These can include toxins that you breathe or consume such as those in pesticides.

A body cleansing diet should also be used to help with your cleanse. It is a lighter diet that aids in digestion, leaving less burden on your body. This can help your body more easily remove internal buildup.

This diet should include lot of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. There may be animal proteins, but eaten in smaller portions and the same for complex carbs and starches. Both of these practices can help to make sure your body does not store waste.

Foods to be avoided are junk foods, milk products, desserts and treats, soft drinks and as many processed foods as possible. Herbal teas, fresh diluted fruit juice and plenty of water should be taken throughout the day to help further flush toxins.

Removing internal waste and built up toxins can add years to your life. These practices are just a few of the simple things you can do at home to get you started. Treat your body well and it will give you years of happiness.

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