BOB Strollers Just Might Be The Best Choice For Active Parents

There are four basic types of strollers: umbrella strollers, standard strollers, multi-terrain strollers, and jogging strollers.

They feature three large (16in) pneumatic wheels that allow them to provide a smooth ride for a child, even on the most difficult terrain. Unlike many of the multi-terrain strollers, the front wheel does not turn in a true jogging stroller.

The BOB stroller is a very popular choice among serious athletes and outdoors men. It features a frame is more lightweight than the average stroller (20lbs), and high weight limit (70lbs), and an extremely durable frame (it even comes with a 5-year warranty).

BOB Revolution strollers have been specifically designed to be used by busy parents, no matter where they go. The swiveling front wheel on the stroller makes it easier for it to navigate around corners, making it easy to use when strolling down neighborhood streets, when getting in elevators and when shopping down crowed aisles. It can also be locked for light jogging.

BOB Strollers serve as the best choice for active parents. Whether you are just strolling around the park, visiting downtown, or going off road, BOB Strollers provide the utmost convenience and comfort for both parents and children.

Included in the fine list of BOB Strollers are the Revolution, the Rev 12″ AW, Stroller Strides, Sport Utility, SUS D’Lux, and Ironman. All of the strollers are made of sturdy high grade materials that do not only provide extreme safety and durability but utmost comfort and ease as well.

BOB Strollers are the perfect strollers for babies and parents wherever they want to go. Either they plan to take a little stroll at the mall or some fun nature valuable experience in the woods.

One of its most highly trusted strollers is the Ironman Stroller. This sporty stroller is able to cope with the parents’ habit of exercise. Whether you have decided to go for a 30-minute walk or a 12-mile run, the Ironman stroller proves to be the best choice for that early morning fitness adventures.

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