Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard – So Many To Choose From

Bluetooth wireless technology gives a highly secure sync to your keyboard and mouse, much more so then the older wireless keyboards, anyway up to 30 feet in distance. It keeps you synced, saves you time, and eases your life in ways you’ve never thought of. I use laptops exclusively and never a desktop, and even I adore the flexibility a Bluetooth keyboard can offer!

Why bother with a Bluetooth keyboard?

Personally, having many wires around me is annoying and frustrating too. I have a surround sound LCD television which is amazing and I love it! But look at the back of it and the wires are popping out and in from all directions. Its a mess! Now okay, a few wires from a keyboard or even a single wire from a keyboard back to the main computer is no big deal but the matter of fact is, it still adding to the clutter. And for me, I like clutter free and particularly where I am working with my computer. So I don’t want to see a single wire when I am working hard at the computer. As the saying goes and its totally applicable here and less is more!

What else might you consider important to improve your over-all computer experience?

What’s the advantage of Bluetooth compare with infra-red wireless keyboards? Bluetooth makes connection with your computer a piece of cake in comparison with infra-red. That’s one reason why Bluetooth is standard in most computers these days.

Infra-red however, runs on radio signals and the foremost problem there is that infra-red is old and somewhat outdated and its also very limited in range capacity.

The smaller size

I know what the average working area is like, faxes scattered everywhere, cables, mouse pads. With smaller keyboards, this brings a lot more leeway and a neater office!

Hot-Keys for programmes

Hot-Keys opens certain helpful programmes on your computer. They save a heap of time and effort.

Because of the headway in battery life and advances in networking via wireless technology, very soon every single thing that requires a communication pathway to your computer (and back again) will be wireless.

Check out one of the coolest Bluetooth wireless keyboards

Rocketfish – Bluetooth Keyboard RF-ABTKB (can be used for PC or Apple) Technical Details – Bluetooth-enabled keyboard with a wireless range up to thirty feet – Astonishing low profile keyboard with great bounce back that’s built for lightning typing – One-touch access to multimedia functions – The batteries lasts more than 4 months One recent buyer of the Rocketfish – Bluetooth Keyboard RF-ABTKB had this to say about their buy… I had some complications initially with the Rocketfish – Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and I had to re-sync it. Despite this opening problem, I really love this keyboard. After getting over the teething issues, I fell in love with this keyboard. It’s just so smooth gliding my fingers over the keys.

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