Bloomberg says that Apple plans to bring back magnetic charging to MacBook Pro

The company may unveil the devices in mid-2021, a source says.

Apple plans to update its MacBook Pro laptops and release them in mid-2021, a source familiar with the plans told Bloomberg.

According to the agency, the device will come in two variants: A 14-inch model codenamed J314 and a 16-inch version called J316. Both will run on Apple’s own next-generation processors, the source added.

Externally, the devices will be similar to the current versions with minor design changes, the publication writes.

The main change is a return to MagSafe magnetic charging, which the company abandoned in 2016, according to Bloomberg. “Any accidental yanking of the cable will simply disconnect it from the laptop, not cause destruction,” the agency writes. It will also allow laptops to charge faster, according to the source.

Apple will leave USB-C ports in future Macs, he specified. The company is also planning to release upgraded MacBook Air, the agency wrote. However, they are not expected before the release of the MacBook Pro. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

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