Bloomberg has published the first image of a smartwatch with a camera from Meta Mark Zuckerberg

The device is going to be presented in 2022, but the company has not yet made a final decision.

Presumably, the smartwatch is being developed by Meta Platforms, Bloomberg reports.
The publication managed to get the image thanks to developer Steve Mozero. He found a photo of the watch in the smart glasses management application released by Facebook in partnership with Ray-Ban. The publication contacted Meta for comments, but the company did not answer questions.
The image shows that the watch has a removable strap, a control button on the left side of the device and a curved design. Bloomberg believes that due to the presence of a camera, they can be used during video calls. This feature will distinguish the devices from competitors — there is no camera in Apple and Samsung smartwatches.
A Bloomberg source said that Facebook plans to release its watch in 2022, but the company has not yet made a final decision on the timing. The interlocutor of the publication clarified that at the moment the company is working on three versions of smart watches, which are designed for different release dates. According to him, the device in the photo may eventually not get into mass production.
In February 2021, The Information sources reported that Facebook was developing a smartwatch.
In June 2021, sources told The Verge that the watch will have two cameras — one for video calls, built into the screen, and the main one for photos and videos. The cost of the device will be about $ 400.

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