Bloomberg: Apple is working on its “most ambitious” product for the “smart” home-a TV set-top box with a HomePod speaker

So the company will be able to strengthen its position in the market of “smart” devices, the agency believes.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the device will combine an Apple TV with a” smart ” HomePod speaker. It will also support a video conference camera and other smart home features.
Other features of the device include support for standard Apple TV features, such as watching videos and playing games, and the speaker will allow you to play music and use the voice assistant Siri. The publication notes that if launched, the device will be” the most ambitious ” Apple product in the field of devices for the “smart” home.
Apple is also discussing developing a touch-screen speaker system to compete with Google and Amazon. Such a device can combine an iPad and a HomePod, writes Bloomberg. The company was considering attaching the iPad to the speaker with a mechanical arm that could follow the user as they move around the room, according to the agency.
The development of both products is still at an early stage — as a result, the company may revise the set of functions or not release the device at all, the publication notes. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment.
The new devices could help Apple increase its market share in smart devices, according to Bloomberg. According to the research company Strategy Analytics, in 2020, the company occupied only 2% of the market for set-top boxes. HomePod speakers occupied less than 10% of the market for “smart” speakers, the newspaper writes.

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