“Biscuit” batteries for Tesla cars will be produced by Panasonic

The Japanese company is already looking for ways to expand production.
Tesla introduced its 4680 batteries (they were immediately called “sponge” for their characteristic shape, similar to the packaging of a round biscuit cookie) in September of this year. After that, the company announced that it is going to establish the production of such battery cells at its plant. And now the source writes that Panasonic will be engaged in the production of 4680 batteries.

Obviously, Panasonic will produce batteries not “instead”, but “together”, and even so, the need for them is still much greater than the planned production volumes: Panasonic is already looking for partners at whose facilities it will also be possible to build the 4680. Over time, the 4680 cells will be used in an increasing number of Tesla cars, as they are cheaper to produce than currently used battery cells, but at the same time allow you to increase the capacity of ready-made traction batteries by up to 20%.

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