In these days of economic discord, we are seated on the edge of our seats waiting for bio fuels to hit the caorner gas station. Why it’s taking so long is another subject and we have no well-defined respond on how long it’s going to take for bio fuels to be a possible option in our society. The difference between bio fuels and fossil fuels is the quantity of time an environmental material has been dead.

Bio fuels can be produced from any biological carbon source. Most ordinary sources are photosynthetic plants. Also a wide array of different fuels ranging from water to White Lightning. its of course being Ethanol while lightning.

Electrically charged metal plates used with water submerged into the water produced hydrogen gas, which if ran into your intake manifold, can save you some gas. The internet is flooded with this hydrogen generator and manuals on how to build it and install it. Why other avenues are chosen by car manufacturers is a mystery.

There are cars being made that are electric and run on hydrogen fuel, however, there are not many stations around that carry hydrogen, so where ever you go, may be a one direction trip. Ethanol is produced with corn. To produce, it takes a lot of energy. Since it takes so much to produce Ethanol it will not be cheap and it will eat up food resources and since we will be growing for fuel, not food, corn and wheat prices will increase.

There is research ongoing trying to draw ethanol from non food crops. You also need a bigger tank to store the Ethanol and one that is not prone to corrosion. That coupled with stronger hoses and equipment needed to tend this fuel will increase the price of the vehicle.

These gasses are a potent form of greenhouse gas if it is not stored or burned. This gas can be used in a couple of numerous ways, such as heating and the production of electricity.

Jeff Sokol is an author, and the owner of, an Alternative Energy Social Network.He is also an expert in biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel from algae.Uk marriage visa Click here to make your own Biodiesel!

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