Best Way For Using Pepper Spray

When you use pepper spray there are many different things to consider so you spray it right. These things include shielding your eyes, aiming, shooting, timing, and much more. Pepper spray could save your life if someone is trying to hurt you. It is vital you learn the proper techniques so you can get it right.

The basic technique to spray pepper spray is to hold the canister upright and press the button down. You would be balanced on both of your feet and ready to spray. You should warn the person with the free hand and shout as loud as you can for the assailant to stop.

You need to aim the pepper spray directly at the face of the attacker. Try to get the pepper spray into their eyes and face. If you cannot get the face then it may not help you or be effective. Don’t spray a person’s clothing. Aim for the face and eyes. Continue spraying and follow their head as they try to move away. Make sure the person gets a good dose of the pepper spray before you run away.

Try real hard to avoid closing your eyes when you are using your pepper spray. Many people automatically close their eyes in an attempt to not be effected by the spray themselves. Think about it, if you close your eyes and the attacker steps to his left or right, you will not be spraying him at all and your pepper spray will not have the effect on him that you want.

Do not be afraid to use your pepper spray. Hesitation on your part will be interpreted as a sign of weakness by an attacker. He might think you will not even use the pepper spray and that you are just threatening him. Use the spray! Aim for the face and don’t worry about what it will do to him. The spray will not kill him but will give you a chance to get away.

Timing is everything when it comes to the spray. Shoot the person in the face with the spray when you are ready but you must hold down the lever for a few seconds. If you don’t even hold it down but for a little spurt then you are not using the pepper spray to be as effective as it should be. You need to spray the bottle for a few seconds at least.

Remember, aim for the face, do not close your eyes, hold the canister in the upright position, keep the button pressed for at least 3 to 5 seconds, give him a really long spray. Most important, do not hesitate to use it. It will save you from injury or death!

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