Best Inside Skinny On Everything You Need To Know About Lightyear Wireless

This is a great opportunity if you are thinking of changing to a Wireless connection. Lightyear Wireless has been in business since 1993 The company’s headquarters are based in Louisville Kentucky and they launched their marketing sales division in 2003. Whether you are a small business owner or you’re working from home they have exactly what you need. They have more than 160 people working for them and over a 100 000 customers, so if you want to know more keep on reading.

Lightyear has been in business from 1993, The company has a system which allows them to use the large companies and tie them into Lightyear Wireless’ billing platform. This makes it possible for them to have great prices on all their services, and still run it through the biggest and best suppliers so you get the best Wireless connection for a much cheaper price.

Lightyear offers you a quite a few products to choose from, like Individual calling plans, family calling plans, phones, VOIP, Broadband, Local and long distance and more.

Lightyear helps everyone to be able to work within their budget. Because their prices are very competitive and you are able to choose what you need on the prepaid system. You can get the best broadband at the best prices from them, and your data will be sent faster and better.

Broadband Internet is a transmission which sends data at a high rate, so for the best priced Broadband Lightyear is the service provider for you.

The phones they have available are top of line and mostly the phones are loaded with only the best technology. You can find blackberrys, picture phones, well any phone you want. The best technology at the best prices. They have prepaid Wireless and other services available so you will be able to choose the best option for your home office or business.

If you are looking for the phone with the best features and everything you need like a blackberry or slide phone, the phones they sell are all pre loaded with the best contents, and you will not have to look any further than Lightyear Wireless to get the phone you need to do your business.

The representatives can use this website to find new clients that are in possession of their own phones. Opportunities in the business and company industry are also on the website with tuition to go along with it. Customers can use this website to learn about these things.

If you are interested in becoming a Lightyear representative you will be able to do so by paying a start up fee. Each representative gets a phone free when they sign up. Also included in your sign up fee is the use of the website that is there especially for the reps to help them with their training and helping them sell the products in the best possible manner, and give you the most for what it is you want to buy.

Everyone works on some kind of budget and the really great prices they make part of their presentation makes it a good prospect to be a part of. Lightyear is planning to revolutionize two industries namely direct marketing and communications.

Now you can decide for yourself if you are looking for the best for a better price or to get more for the money you pay get your Lightyear Wireless connection today.

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