Best And Effective Free Antivirus Softwares Available For Your Computer

We have Anti viruses which we can pay and buy them and there are Anti viruses which are available free of cost and can be easily downloaded and installed on your PC. Now some argue that the paid Anti viruses are only effective in relieving you from the viral threats but not the free versions. But this is not true.

There are some Free Anti viruses available for download which are effective in neutralizing the threat from various viruses, Trojans, malwares, ad wares, phishing and so on. AVG is one such anti virus which provides optimum security for normal internet user with options such as anti spyware and malware. This can be updated regularly with new databases so as to ensure protection against the latest threats released.

There are other free anti viruses too which are as effective as the AVG but each of them come with different options and have their own pros and cons. So you can first go through the reviews of the latest free anti virus downloads in various blogs or techie websites where they tell you all the pros and cons of the Anti virus and also furnish you the technical information.

Beware of fraudulent sites which provide you a link for downloading the free anti virus but these add up some code to your PC which may lead to data corruption and your vital information such as passwords and identity proofs etc, may be stolen.

Now after you chose an satisfactory Free Anti Virus for your PC, all you need to do is download it. There are various mirror sites provided by the security websites which enable you to download the free version. So after you download the Anti virus you need to install it on your PC. Before you install it on your PC it is advisable for you to read the instructions and system requirements for the Anti virus as various Anti-Viruses have their own requirements and finally you can install it on your PC.

Make sure you update your anti virus regularly and also to scan your PC regularly as this will ensure maximum security to your PC. Sometimes lack of updates can also be a reason why some of the viruses creep into your PC and harm it.

These viruses, Trojans, worms, mal ware, ad ware etc. Once they creep into your PC they can harm your databases. The more the time they stay on your PC they more they harm your PC

You can also choose some custom setting in your anti virus such as scheduled scanning of your drives and scheduled downloading of updates for your anti-virus as this would lessen your efforts in protecting your PC and also it will become an regular task for the anti virus to scan your PC for threats. So get yourself an Free Anti virus and protect your PC and keep it safe.

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