Benefits Of Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflective Coatings On Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses protects the eyes from sunlight and UV rays while enhancing the wearer’s vision. Most purchasers of sunglasses are also very much aware of the design, because health benefits aside, one must be stylish, even when wearing sunglasses. Anti-reflective coating on the lenses further increases the value and function of the purchase without detracting from a consumer’s appearance.

The method used to treat sunglasses with anti-glare coating is similar to the way lenses of high-powered microscopes and cameras are manufactured. Several layers of clear metal oxides are systematically applied to the back of the plastic or glass lenses, forming a protective coating that is invisible to the individual wearing the frames. Since the front of the lenses is already dark, these metal oxide layers are applied only to the back of the lenses. Layering the coating on the front does not add any benefits and will make the glasses appear smudged and dirty to an outside observer.

One of the primary benefits to consumers who purchase anti-glare sunglasses is the elimination of uncomfortable and distracting reflections from the sun when the light source is behind the wearer, which bounces light back into the wearer’s eyes. For outdoor enthusiasts who spend a lot of time on a sports field, on hiking or biking trails, or on or around water, comfortable and safe eyewear is actually necessary. The casual wearer also benefits by enjoying clearer vision while driving or navigating busy streets on foot. While most people believe sunglasses are essential only on sunny days, the truth is that there is still a lot of glare and reflections even when the skies are overcast.

Anti-glare coating can extend the life of your shades as well because the treatment helps minimize scratches and makes lenses more resistant to water spotting and the collection of dirt and dust. Treated lenses are easier to clean when proper methods and solutions are used. Glasses purchased from a reputable manufacturer or an optometrist will come with instructions on proper care and maintenance.

People looking to accessorize their wardrobe with one or more pairs of fashionable sunglasses will enjoy plenty of options in terms of frame styles and colors, with the additional value of the protective application. The treatment does not affect the overall appearance or feel of the lenses, allowing for a variety of eyewear to suit their needs and personal style. Some people are fashion-conscious and will select the frames for appearance first; fortunately, most of the higher-end shades available commercially will also feature anti-reflective coating, adding further value to their purchase.

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