Being A Dance Instructor Is Just One Talent

A cake without frosting can be like a sofa without a cushion. How about a dancer without music? Or worse, what is a dancer without a choreographer? We watch dancers all of the time but most of us never think about what really goes on. Sure, the dancer is performing but there is so much more to hold our attention. Those performances hold so many elements that the average person is unaware of. A choreographer is more than a dance instructor.

Placement, lighting and sound are just a few things a choreographer worries about. There is planing, auditions and teaching. There are rehearsals and coordination. There is so much imagination required! This is just a very small part of what is involved with dance training. Choreography embraces it all. This is the element behind every good performance.

Now that you know how important a good choreographer is, how does one go about finding one? Recommendation is always a good start. Are you looking for group choreography or solo choreography? Perhaps you are just looking towards finding lessons at this point. The most important choreography is for productions.

There is so much involved with choreography. It involves the expression of moods and ideas. A choreographer is a teacher and must be a good role model besides just being a good instructor. Just like a great athlete needs a great coach, a choreographer can bring out the best in a dancer.

Choreography combines talent with creativity and experience. It combines a love of music and an appreciation for different styles. Typically, a choreographer is an established dancer.

A creative choreographer will be the best. A great hairdresser magically knows how to cut hair for each face and a great choreographer can do the same with a dancer. It is only natural after so much experience to know limitations, capabilities, weaknesses and strong suits.

So many things are involved it is almost impossible to mention all of them. Yet, all of this goes unnoticed to the observer. The dancer is the one taking the spotlight and that performance is the only thing on the choreographers mind. The choreographer is willing to do so much. It is no wonder that many youngsters are searching for their own private choreographer to prepare them to dance special for even one party.

Perhaps one of the best ways to hire a choreographer is to actually watch them in progress. Visit one of the performances and study the dancers. See if there are other performances available to watch so that you can get an idea of the different types of style. You may be searching for a particular style. Most choreographers will be experienced in several types. If they do not have any scheduled performances available, perhaps you can request a tape. You might even be able to see something online if you ask.

Look for a style that agrees with you. Remember. A good teacher connects to the student and the student enjoys the lesson. A dancer that is having fun will always perform better. Therefore it is important to try an notice the repertoire between teacher and student.

There is a performer in every one of us. Everybody was born to perform and we all love to watch others perform. We all need our own experience. If you are in the position of searching for a choreographer, you are lucky indeed!

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