Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant

CNAs are a vital part of an effective organization. On a daily basis they provide care to the elderly, chronically ill, and individuals who may require special care in nursing homes or long term care facilities. It has been shown that in the next twenty years there will be a need for an additional 700,000 CNAs in the United States. It is important then that Certified Nursing Assistant programs provide an individual with all of the tools they will need to thrive in their career.

There are different titles for a Nursing Assistant who has been certified by the state in which they live. In addition to the different titles, the requirements to become a CNA also differ. Some states require more educational training and other states require more clinical training prior to being qualified to take the examination.

Completion of a CNA program can occur in as little as a few weeks or take several months. Contacting the department that handles training in your state to get the requirements for becoming licensed is very important.

When a person makes the decision to begin a training Program they will find that there are many opportunities available in their local area to take the necessary classes and get the clinical training that is needed. There are two phases in the CNA Training that must be completed before one can take the examination.

The educational portion of the training will take place in a classroom setting. In some states the educational requirements are designed to take place in a very short time. In other states the educational portion of the training is set up so that a person receives college credits for some of the classes and these last through a college semester.

During the clinical training an individual will spend up to seventy-five hours working and learning how to be an effective CNA. In some facilities this training leads to a permanent position in the facility. Each state has a different requirement for the number of clinical hours that an individual must work to qualify for the examination.

Once all requirements to take the examination have been met, the documentation with proof of completion are submitted to the State with an application to take the exam. The test that is given will consist of an educational component and a clinical component. This test is designed to assure that a person has the necessary knowledge and skills to do their job safely and effectively.

After a person has completed the training and passed the examination they can work anywhere in the state where they are certified. If they move to another state however they will need to complete a Request for Reciprocity.

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