Beats sell faster than you could imagine, the market is growing like wildfire! In 2008 you would’ve seen 500,000 beats on Soundclick and just 1,000,000 rap songs. Now, just 2 years later the market has boomed uncontrollably! Over 1,400,000 rap songs and the number of beats has reached 1,100,000! Producers are flocking to this site left and right because people are catching on to how much money there is selling beats online.

You need to understand what is going on behind closed doors in the record industry. 50% of all money made from record sales in 2009 were made by independent record labels. Meaning majors are facing some serious competition!

The digital era has taken over, meaning the underground are coming into the mainstream… Fast. The music you hear on the radio right now is going to be dramatically different in the years to come as smaller bands and artists begin taking over more so than the major labels.

We all have to recognize what’s happening in the industry so we can be prepared for the new revolution of music. If the music industry is moving independent and online, then so should you! This is why it’s vital to set up a Soundclick account as soon as you can.

+ Soundclick doesn’t cost anything to sign up

+ The industry is moving online

+ Even 50 Cent bought a SC beat

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