A lot of people suffer from social phobia or social anxiety. Social anxiety has been diagnosed in approximately 19.2 million people in the United States. It is the third most common mental disease in the United States. There are various approaches that can be used to beat social anxiety.

Before treatment can be started, you must first know what social anxiety is. A person who has social anxiety experiences excessive and unreasonable fear of social gatherings. More often than not, social anxiety comes from the fear of being scrutinized or judged by other people. People with social anxiety always feel anxiety during social gatherings or may also avoid going to these. What is worse is that a person with social anxiety already has anticipatory anxiety just thinking about the forthcoming event. People with social anxiety do know that what they are feeling is unreasonable but they have no control over it.

Social anxiety is usually incited by various social events. Some examples of these social events are public speaking, dining in front of other people, using public restrooms, talking on the telephone, mixing with other people, and many others. Fear over these social events usually come from distorted thinking, negative opinion of other people, and false beliefs. How is a person with social anxiety diagnosed?

If symptoms of social anxiety are observed, the doctor will initially conduct an evaluation of a person’s medical history and a physical exam. The doctor will have to rule out the existence of a physical disorder by conducting various laboratory tests.

After ruling out the existence of a physical disease, the doctor will now refer the patient to the care of a mental health professional. These mental health professionals will be utilizing assessment tools like interviews in order to diagnose social anxiety. Once social anxiety is diagnosed, the mental health professional will prescribe the appropriate mode of treatment.

Some say that the most effective way to beat social anxiety is by cognitive-behavior therapy. Cognitive-behavior therapy is about changing a person’s fear into a more reasonable way of thinking. In this treatment, a person with social anxiety learns how to react differently in social situations and how to stop avoiding them. There are two methods that cognitive-behavior therapy is done: systematic desensitization and real life exposure to situations.

Systematic desensitization works by making the person imagine the social events. With the guidance of the therapist, he or she is guided to work through his or her fears. Another way to do cognitive-behavior therapy is by exposing the patient to real life social situations. This exposure is also done with the aid of a therapist to guide the person through his or her fears.

Different drugs are also prescribed to beat social anxiety. These drugs are tranquilizers, antidepressants, and beta-blockers. The medications are sometimes used with cognitive-behavior therapy to treat the symptoms of social anxiety.

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