Bear Spray Pepper–Easy To Use!

How I adore the great wide open. I suppose it comes from being born and bred in Montana. I have a soft spot for hiking, biking, camping and wandering through the world out there. It began when I was small.

Pitching tents and foiling a bear assault, by playing dead down on the ground, were a part of my childhood. My dad showed me the ropes in dealing with outdoor risks. But when an actual bear threatened me, it was Guard Alaska that did not let me down.

I depend on Guard Alaska to safeguard my welfare in areas with known bear attacks. That is why I take a bear pepper spray along when I travel the vast outdoors. I know all about being on the ready when roaming the woods.

A grizzly bear disrupted my day hike once when it emerged unannounced. I was very startled for the reason that it was not area where I anticipated ever encountering a bear.

Estimating a distance of 20 feet between myself and the bear, I drew slightly closer so as not to miss the creature with my bear pepper spray. I quietly took hold of it and released the safety.

I quelled my panic upon hearing the bear bellow while I neared. I pressed the spray can and dispersed bear repellent onto the animal until it retreated. This provided me with the opportunity to escape.

I could not believe Guard Alaska took effect within a 20 feet range. I felt better knowing the bear would not hurt for good from this US EPA endorsed bear pepper spray, which is neither harmful to the environment.

The unexpected bear presence had me racing to the immediate township to disclose the incident. Were it not for my bear pepper spray, I would not have lived to advise my pals who go hiking to make sure their adventures are tempered with security.

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