Be Happy And Successful With Family And Your Partner Using Your Amazing Power

Everybody wants to be happy, including yourself and your closest family and friends. As a parent or in a relationship you certainly normally would have a genuine wish to see your closest succeed and have an amazing and great life. Not only because you are a good person, but certainly also because their well-being affects your own daily life.

Happiness every day is what we all want. Surprisingly it is easy to forget, that it always requires some actions from us to obtain this daily and lasting happiness. Whether we are parents or part of a relationship, what happens in either area affects everything in and around us. The thoughts and solutions we come up with in conflict situations decide the happiness created.

Have you until now let life lead you, then you need to take charge and decide how you want to handle what happens in your life.

Being a really good support for your closest and dearest can be difficult. When things go wrong it is so easy to look back and be wise. The art is to be wise in advance. Obstacles here are the wishes to see your own dreams and desires come through and exactly the way you think it should be. It is also easy making a perfect ego-trip when helping loved ones. The important thing here is to recognize what is important and possible for the person you are helping and also set some limits for how far in your help you want to go. Taking over is no help.

Disapproving and blaming a family member who asks for guidance is not a help.

True help for a positive result requires a positive course of action from everybody involved.

Actually the resolution process of family difficulties can often bring the family even closer together.

It is possible to create amazing results by using your inner personal power, throw away your unconfirmed doubts and find the areas where you know you can show genuine faith in your nearest and dearest. Then do it.

Be clear about what you want to achieve and consider which bait can be the catalyst to obtain what you want.

When it comes down to the basics, all you in reality want is to be happy and for your dearest to be happy. Focus on that and you will find solutions come easier.

Support the strengths, keep the successes in mind, be supportive in a joyful way, laugh a lot and learn from the mistakes you and others make.

Every solution is a challenge. It is also what supports personal growth and that way makes you happier.

When I was in my teens everybody close to thirty or over were already OUT. I felt they had no idea about real life, and had just become more working ants before sure soon in the grave. That they could think that a teenager did not understand anything never occurred to me at that stage of life.

Productive and positive team work with people living in “another world” is a challenge.

1: Find a language you both understand.

2: Have principles you honor.

3: Be open minded.
4: Listen.
5: Give yourself time to think before you answer.
6: Radiate positivity.

This can be very stressing.

Maybe you just hate people called Ben because somebody with that name at one time hurt you somehow. Or you have had some bad experience with teenagers calling you an old idiot, or something else triggers to take points of view that are based on irrelevant factors and hurt feelings. Or as a teenager, you are so used to hear about your lack of experience that you have stopped listening to the people who actually could help you.

If you really have a desire to encourage people around you to be happier, my advice is to constantly be who you really are, work on your own improvements all the time and show the happiness you obtain by improving.

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