Have you ever tried to employ Facebook in order to pick up hot women? It’s easier than you think with less possibility of rejection!

It is dependent mainly on the quality of your profile. You should stand out from the crowd in a sure way before you go and message any attractive woman.

Take a look at the following Facebook PUA hints, if you put them into practice, you can quickly be dating stunning ladies you encounter on the internet.

1. Go through your profile for spelling mistakes. You need to come over as educated. Never write as though you are a 12 year old schoolgirl sending a text to her friend!

2. Never fill in the part on the top where you tell everybody what you’re doing! Who needs to know that you are at the supermarket? You ought to have better things to do with your time!

3. Turn your relationship status off! If you show to girls that you contact that you’re single, then you are making it overly simple for her. Not to mention being obvious!

4. Your primary photo is extremely vital! The best photograph you could have is one where you’re standing next to a stunning girl and she is enjoying your company!

5. Try and get additional photos where you are with pretty ladies in ordinary surroundings! Also some fun hobby photos such as surfing, rock climbing and water skiing et cetera!

6. Never show any pictures where you are posing in front of the mirror showing off your body! This is a genuine turn off and makes life a lot easier for real Facebook PUA’s who know not to do this!

7. Look through your wall for any bad or uninteresting posts that may show you up as a bit of a loser! Erase anything that lowers your value!

8. You need to collect wall posts from pretty girls inviting you out to parties or for a coffee! This will raise your value through the roof and is what all Facebook PUA’s recommend!

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