There are numerous variations of the bathroom mirror cabinet but no bathroom is complete without one. It provides a place for the smaller bathroom accessories that would crowd a counter top or get lost in a drawer. Though there is usually the option to not install a cabinet behind the mirror those small items frequently end up cluttering the counter instead of being stored. Personal items can be kept inside a cabinet if the bathroom is personal and not used by guests. In a guest bathroom it is nice to remove all of the personal items and put guest items inside the cabinet for visitors.

Some cabinets have sliding mirror doors making it apparent that it is really a cabinet, while some mirrors are so well camouflaged that it is difficult to tell it is really a cabinet at all. If it is no issue that the mirror is perfectly camouflaged then it can be framed and the cabinetry portion can be built out from the wall. There are framed oval cabinets that reflect much more of the person standing in front of them and there are also smaller square framed cabinets. In terms of the mirror size, the larger it is the larger the storage space will be. Bigger mirrored cabinets are good for personal bathrooms where much more items need to be stored while smaller mirrored cabinetry can be used in guest rooms.

There is a kind of cabinet that is camouflaged nicely as simply being a mirror. The cabinetry portion of these cabinets is built into the wall behind it so that it does not stick out from the wall. The mirrored door that is in front of the cabinetry therefore lies nearly flat against the wall except for the little space that is left between the wall and mirror so it can be opened by pulling the edge forward. If it does not have a frame it appears as if it is attached to the wall and conceals the cabinetry so well that it is often a surprise to those who find that one lies behind it. This type of cabinet is great for a sleek and modern bathroom because the surface is not bulky and the cabinetry is hidden and streamlined.

In the end it is important to find the unit that will speak to your sense of style and tastes, and that will fit right into your bathroom and not really look out of place.

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