Basic Instructions For Lighting Your Pipe

There’s no doubt that smoking a pipe is one of the most enjoyable pastimes around. Of course, you can’t smoke that pipe until you learn how to light it. This can take some time, as you’ll need a bit of patience and some knowhow to get started. You will also need some specialized tools to ensure that you are successful. With the right tools and the right tips, you’ll be enjoying that pipe in no time at all.

You will first need to start with the right tools on your side. Quality cigar cutter lighters can be used to light your pipe, but you will also need good tobacco, a quality pipe, and a three-piece tool set that includes a tamper, a cleaner and an aerator. Start by ensuring that the tobacco you’re using doesn’t have any tough clumps in it. You should spread your tobacco over a flat, clean surface to do this.

Once the bowl has been packed to the rim, use your tamper to work around the inside of the rim. Use a gentle hand, as you do not want to pack the tobacco too tightly. This will result in a hard draw that can ruin your experience. Test the draw by puffing on the stem once or twice. If it is hard to move air through the pipe, remove the tobacco from the bowl and start over again.

Now that the bowl has been packed, it’s time to light it. This is much different than lighting a cigar or a cigarette. You’ll need to hold the flame of your lighter over the bowl, without touching the tobacco. This helps to remove any excess moisture from the top layer. Draw the flame down by lightly inhaling on the stem of the pipe. You should not actually light the tobacco at this point, you just want it smoking. Now, put down the lighter and gently tamp the tobacco back into place.

Now you can move on to the real lighting. Hold the lighter above the tobacco once more and twist the lighter so that the flame contacts all the tobacco in the top layer. Draw gently on the pipe and make sure that the tobacco glows gently. It’s important that you do not overheat the tobacco at this point, as this can make your pipe taste foul.

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