Many people believe that tantra is not possible in same sex couples but the number of couples practicing gay tantra would indicate otherwise. Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means to expand, spread, weave, spin out and includes all matter, actions and thought. During Tantra the opposing flows of energy from each partner flow together or are woven together. It also refers to the personalities which are brought together through better understanding achieved in the process.

Through the practice of tantra individuals often gain increased understanding of their own personality traits. This means that they can learn to accept aspects of themselves which they may not have liked or accepted before. It is a system for personal and spiritual growth not just a means to improve climax or intimacy. Central to the beliefs of tantra is the concept that sexual energy and lust can be used to bring about enlightenment. The aim of tantra is to foster mystical awareness, self acceptance, expand boundaries and to get rid of fear and guilt.

The theories which are called tantra come from all over Asia and are built on ancient traditions from Hinduism and Buddhism. Therefore practices can vary a lot between different teachers.

Due to the focus on opposing polarities many believe that a man and woman are needed to practice tantra. However in many traditions this is not the case. In Buddhism it is thought that sexuality is a facet of personality and so is irrelevant in tantra. Some traditions focus on the use of Kundalini energy and believe this is the same in all persons. In gay tantra it is possible to use visualization techniques to imagine that one partner is of the opposite sex.

SkyDancer Tantra is the most widely practiced technique in gay tantric yoga. It is a relatively new system having been developed in the eighties by Margot Anand Naslednikoy. It was developed in France and quickly spread through the western hemisphere. She based the method on the concept of love as a dance in the sky. It was developed from the ideas of Buddhist Tantra and the name comes from one of the founders of that tradition called Big SkyDancer.

Meditation is a common practice in tantra. It aids relaxation, visualization and connection to the spiritual realms. Many people start with taking alternate breaths while sitting face to face. Yoga positions are often used and yoga is also popular due to its focus on breathing. Visualization is used in two ways; to imagine Deities and spiritual entities and also to visualize the transference of energy between the two bodies.

Tantric massage is another prevalent way to apply tantra. It is not intended to bring about climax but to release blockages of energy in the body. The masseuse builds up sexual energy in the body and then uses that to unblock the necessary areas.

For those who want to learn more about gay tantra there are many retreats, workshops and gurus available. It is easy to find details of these online. Increasing numbers of same sex couples and single gay people are starting to practice gay tantra. There are a range of methods but the main aim is personal development.

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