Baby Shower Ideas – Have Fun And Celebrate Your Friend’s New Child

Baby shower ideas are available in abundance. They can be located in magazines, books, and venues online. There are websites that are dedicated solely to these ideas. Some of the ideas are related to games, themes, food, or venues.

There are a lot of places. They are popping up all over the place. A recent baby shower attendee will certainly have some ideas to share. There are entire blog’s on the web that are dedicated to sharing these ideas. There are books for loan at the library, and books for purchase both online and in the store.

Themed showers are very popular. Some themed ones are built around what the mom to be is interested in and the baby shower is built around it.

There are plenty of ideas that can be applied, and most are free of charge. For the scuba mom a themed one at the local aquarium or sea side may be in order. For a mom that loves to cook, a themed one at a culinary arts school can be the way to serve the day up. A foodie would love a themed shower built around her favorite foods.

Games are a great way to eat up some time. There should be little trinkets that can be used as “prizes” for the winner. The games can be geared at everything baby. Some games include loading up a couple of infant size diapers with melted chocolate candy bars and having the guests guess from a list which candy bar is in which diaper.

There also are ideas for testing games using baby food. Each guest or contestant participates by taking jars of baby food passed around the room, tasting them, and then guessing as to what the baby food they just consumed is. These games are a lot of fun and will lighten the atmosphere during a baby shower.

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