Baby Monitors Can Detect Movement And Breathing Of Your Baby

Usually, a baby monitor is used by placing the transmitter close to your babies crib so it picks up his sounds. The receiver is then placed in the area that you will be in, such as next to your bed. Many brands of baby monitors are able to run off of batteries, this way they are portable and can be carried on your belt.

A monitor with more than one receiver can be handy as well. This way, one unit can be stationary and the other portable. The monitors can then be switched when the portable’s battery get low.

Sometimes you can’t hear your baby’s cries or movements due to noise or other children. In this case a monitor with a sound activated light is handy. You know immediately when your child is moving because the monitor will light up.

Monitors with low battery indicators are also handy. If you use the batteries most often this is a good choice. When the low-battery light comes on it gives you plenty of time to replace then before they die completely.

When choosing a video monitor for your baby, frequency is one particular thing to consider. A video baby monitor that offers ability to change channels is certainly a good choice. You can minimize or even eliminated interference by switching from one channel to another.

It is recommended to turn off the display when it is not being used. Turning on the sound only will help saving the battery.

A digital camera as part of the system is placed near the crib and it picks up an image of your baby. A lightweight colored LCD or black and white screen kept near you simultaneously displays video of your baby’s activities.

Portability is another thing to consider, whether you need a hand held portable, or a tabletop video baby monitor. A tabletop video baby monitor usually has a bigger screen, normally sizes 5″ or more. It is also AC powered.

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