Baby And Grandparents – They Can Help You

The dynamic between you, your baby and grandparents should be a positive one. The key thing that our babies will gain from grandparents is great gifts and a doting, smiling face to make them laugh. It’s important to realize that, just like your grandparents likely did: Children need experiences from many generations shared with them. Forget that your Parents possibly wore clothing in their heyday that you wouldn’t be caught dead in: They have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will prove to be critical to your child’s overall development.

In most cases with baby and grandparents time together, the grandparents spend all the time smiling at and adoring the child, while putting very little actual labor time in — That’s OK. Remember that this is their time to sit back while enjoying the beauty of your baby, along with all their cute quirks, without all the diaper changes, messy feedings, etc.


Your baby’s grandmother(s) can provide you with a lot of information, particularly on how to soothe your baby when they’re being fussy, or cure-all treatments for various ailments the baby may experience.

It’s important to allow your baby’s grandmother to give you advice, while clearly drawing the line between parent and grandparent if need be. Remember that they may have had to deal with over-bearing grandparents while raising you or your spouse, so don’t be afraid to remind them if they start to cross the line (most will totally understand).


The relationship between baby and grandparents is easiest on dear old grandpa. While grandmothers will likely get in to the mix and get their hands dirty if need be: Grandpa normally gets to sit back in a chair, telling stories about how he conquered the biggest mountain, or swam across an ocean — all while getting treated to the finest beverages and capping it all off with a delicious meal made by you.

While that story may not accurately reflect on every grandpa, most times they’re the givers of advice and love nothing more than to pass wisdom on to their grandchildren.

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