Avaya Aura For Business Communication

Avaya Aura is a brand new computer suite designed to enhance your businesses networking ability. The fact that it enables communication across multi-vendor, multi-site environments, makes it a completely revolutionary package, of use to both small and large businesses. Avaya Aura also provides a cost effective solution to the communication requirements of any organization.

According to an Avaya Aura press release, ‘businesses can leave existing multi-vendor equipment and applications in place and bring in the benefits and simplicity of Avaya Aura’s architecture to drive significant and rapid return on investment and with the promise of greater business agility in the future’.

Kevin Kennedy, president and CEO of Avaya, said, ‘With Avaya Aura, organizations can achieve rapid returns on their business communications investment, while simplifying the development and deployment of applications that improve operational performance’.

Avaya Aura was initially launched in November 2009 and since then it has proved a popular choice across the business world. The products such as Avaya Communication Manager, Presence Services, and Application Enablement Services with Integrated Manager are widely regarded as some of the best utilities available in the sphere of communications.

Businesses will also benefit from the reduction of hardware, power and cooling, and maintenance requirements which Avaya Aura allows. IT technicians are very happy with this product as the installation is easy. The Avaya team are always available to provide assistance with any problems which may occur. Help is also provided by wizards and self-use administration tools which come as standard with the suite. Avaya is the product of choice for companies looking to build a collaborative culture and enhance the sharing ethos. The implementation of Avaya Aura can reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve time management as well, making it an overall effective business communications management tool.

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