Automatic Crash Notification Is On The Phone!

When you get in a car accident, technology is your best friend. Your seatbelt secures you, your airbags deploy automatically, you call an ambulance or a tow truck on your cell phone, and so on. The protective role of technology just grew some more, as an automatic crash notification phone app called My911 can now eliminate a few more steps from the crash back to security. While your airbags are deploying, your phone will already be making the call that may save your life.

Recently, concepts like Onstar have pushed things further, beginning the emergency response process before you could get your phone out of your pocket. The next step has been to get this automatic collision notification on your smartphone, and My911 has done it.

It has been applied with the invention of airbags- an accelerometer detects crash-level G-forces and deploys the airbags faster than you can be launched forward, meeting you halfway to the dashboard with a cushion of air. Smartphones now come equipped with the technology that allows your car to know when to deploy the airbags. It is an accelerometer, and your phone currently uses it to track your GPS location, autofocus the camera, and other functions. New patented technology makes use of this to sense a car crash and begin taking the steps to safety automatically.

Since your phone can now sense a car crash, the next logical step is for it to do what you would do anyway, only faster, more precisely, and automatically. Because smartphones also come equipped with GPS, they can not only sense the crash, but explain where you are and how to get there faster than any human, conscious or not.

But “what if” your phone is wrong? First, you can manually cancel the automatic collision notification. Then, even if the call does go through, the person who picks up is an operator who will attempt to talk to you before sending your location to the emergency response center. This concept didn’t exist a few years ago, and now it can be the norm for us!

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