Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

Car safety is important any time of the year. Road conditions during the winter months, however, mean that you need to make correct choices with car maintenance to avoid accidents and breakdowns. Keep your car in great shape during the cold months by following these auto maintenance guidelines.

Keeping a log of all the maintenance that is done on your car will keep you informed on when your next check should be. It is also a good way to let your Utah auto repair technicians know which tires need rotating and replacing, etc. Regular maintenance jobs need to be done during all the seasons.

Ice and snow can wreak havoc on your car unless you take extra care of it. Driving in the winter can be more dangerous than the spring and summer months. Here are a few winter maintenance jobs that will help keep your car in top shape:

1. Inspect your tires – Winter is not the time to slack on your tires. Be sure that you tire depth is at least 2/32″ with treads. Anything less needs to be replaced fairly soon.

2. Replace windshield wipers – Windshield wipers are used a lot with weather conditions during the winter time. Be sure that they are working correctly. If they are not, get them fixed so you can keep your windshield clean and have a safe ride. You can find windshield wipers at a Utah auto repair store.

3. Check the windshield wiper washer fluid – Windshield fluid comes in handy when the windshield freezes over or when dirty snow sloshes up your car’s front. Washer fluid can be found at any Utah auto repair store and most supermarkets. During the winter time windshield cleaner is used frequently while driving.

4. Be sure you have enough antifreeze – The antifreeze in your car keeps your car going during the winter. You need to make sure your antifreeze is at the right station. A lot of Utah auto repair service stations even allow you to check your antifreeze levels free of charge.

Don’t let the weather bring more danger to your car by avoiding these necessary maintenance checks. Check with your local Utah auto repair shop to find many of these materials so you can save money by doing these maintenance checks yourself. Road conditions are dangerous enough during the Wintertime.

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