Australian authorities have come up with a way to punish Facebook for the restrictions imposed

In Melbourne, they said that they will not tolerate attacks on democracy from the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.

The Australian Federal Government will stop using Facebook for advertising campaigns and social projects. This was announced by the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Bermingham.
“We will abandon advertising campaigns (on Facebook) because they unreasonably block sites, seeking to show their power or influence our democracy. We will not tolerate this, ” the minister said on ABC radio.
Bermingham stressed that the Australian authorities will continue to adhere to the national legislation. The politician also called on Facebook to behave in the same way as any other “content publisher”.
According to the Australian government, over the past two years, the country’s authorities have spent about 42 million Australian dollars (US $ 33 million) on advertising campaigns in digital media. Approximately 25% of this amount was accounted for by Facebook.
The reason for the refusal of advertising in the social network was the restrictions imposed by Facebook against Australian users.

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