Then there are the localized e-commerce service listings for regions which are just as aggressive in searching for exposure on the search engines. In short, an lawyer could make a substantial investment in listing services alone. Nevertheless, a simple listing is a hit-and-miss proposition: there’s nothing in merely a listing that invites interest from the shopper. A personalized web site for an lawyer or perhaps a law firm may be the highest and greatest use of the internet.

A law organization with its personal hosted web site can achieve several things. Most people who are doing a random search for an lawyer are probably somewhat anxious, not particular of the law concerning their problem, and concerned about price. Moreover, there exists these days a widespread skepticism about attorneys, especially among the uninitiated. A hosted website can ease some of those uncertainties, and thus invite contact from the possible customer.

The website can describe the firm’s areas of legal focus. It could act as an educational tool, explaining the basics of selected areas of law and suggesting some initial steps for the possible client. Eventually the customer will wind up in a lawyer’s office somewhere, so supplying some preliminary online education will give the law firm a benign and positive first impression.

A hosted web site can supply and email template for an initial inquiry or invite a telephone call, ‘no strings attached’. The web site can suggest several online sources that supply detailed explanations of various legal specialties. Finally, the law firm’s website can address the issue of payment and explain any options that might be available in that area.

As with other forms of media, defense and personal injury attorneys are the most likely to be found utilizing the web as an advertising support. Most law firms with other sorts of specialties that use hosted websites tend to be a little more subtle, stressing the firm’s longevity or stability, its successes and possibly providing biographies of the firm’s principal members.

A hosted web site can be an effective introductory tool for an attorney or a law firm. It can provide an initial level of comfort with the firm prior to any individual inquiries need be created. It could establish the firm’s credentials in its chosen aspects of legal specialization and it can make the process of preliminary contact a comfortable one by explaining how and when fee structures are applied.

Connecting a possible customer with a hosted web site can, in component, be a function of the website through the use of keyword optimization. But it is most likely more practical to assume that the initial reference will come from some other, much more common source such as a former customer or the local bar association. At that point, the hosted attorney’s web site becomes an effective outreach tool, minimizing the intimidating effect of a simple telephone number and a downtown address.

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