Attorneys Astonished By Influence Of Ads

With the help of television advertising, there’s a specific lawyer in Denver who has become a household name. If the lawyer’s ads work as well in New York City and roughly 100 cities throughout the country, another law firm is destined to be a household name here as well. This local law office is the most recent law firm representing personal injury to utilize the advertising program. There are many other law firms out there using other forms of media to advertise, and like them the firms utilizing tv ads are paying loads of money to put their names on generic ads that offer up a 30 second slice of life featuring folks who are looking for a good lawyer.

The Supreme Court allowed lawyers to begin advertising on TV in 1977. These might not be the first people to ever advertise on the television, they are among the first to offer generic ads that personal injury lawyers can put their names on. The effects of this for the lawyers who have enrolled their practices in this affiliate program have been absolutely extraordinary. An operation which was a struggling office of two employees and handled barely 80 cases per year at the start, has transformed since advertising and now employs several lawyers and legal assistants to administer over the 100+ monthly cases the firm now represents due to advertising efforts. He now owns a three story building with its own mock courtroom and pool table, as well as offices for their TV producer and media buyer.

The creation and marketing of his TV advertisements, is now the full-time work that this resourceful, hard-working attorney commits his energies to. According to this attorney, he is generating a sizable income and is now fully aware of the impact potential of t.v. ads. According to this lawyer, it was a great surprise to him. He says that now all ten phone lines light up when he runs a successful commercial. There’s no need to watch television to know when the ad runs because the phone calls are an immediate indicator.

The largest of the law firms out there still eschew all forms of advertising, considering it demeaning, but there are personal injury lawyers who are taking full advantage of the power of television publicity. This lawyer was just another nameless personal injury lawyer struggling to find new clients just a little while ago. Because most of his cases involved people who had been injured in accidents, or other slip-and-falls, there was very little chance for repeat business.

It’s undeniable that the ads get results. However, these ads generate all kinds of responses, and many of them actually don’t have anything to do with personal injury. There are so many people out there who don’t even know where to start looking for a lawyer. Roughly one in ten calls results in a worthwhile case. The number of calls that have nothing to do with law really need to be filtered through, and that is the main problem that lawyers have with the program. There are even a few lawyers, like one in Washington, who dropped out of the program because they were unable to handle the calls and the costs of their ads. The program most definitely increases the caseload, but it can increase overhead and expenses as well. Some lawyers need to hire someone to answer the increased call load.

One participating attorney indicated that the profits generated in the first year of the advertisements was twice the amount of the expenses. His law firm is continuing to amass a catalog of bigger cases, and his income to cost ratio continues to rise. The addition of well-known personalities into their advertisements is now the goal of Frickey and his producer. Football personality John Madden has agreed to appear in six spots for compensation of $50,000.

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