Astral Projection Techniques Explored

Here are seven techniques of astral projection available to help people who want to try and use astral projection. People being as individual as they are means what works for some may not work for others. Some people have had difficulties with different methods. Because the method requires you to relax or it doesn’t work. If you can’t relax then you will have difficulty with astral projection.

Complete and total relaxation is essential to making any astral projection techniques successful. Part of the reason for the inability to relax is fear. This is very common with those that are just starting to relearn how to astral project. This fear comes from false beliefs that a person could die or be harmed because of the astral projection. In an effort to help squash those fears the Canterbury Institute, who is known for their occult studies, conducted a research study.

This study was done on 2000 people, all of whom participated in astral projection. What the institute found was that there wasn’t a single person in that followed astral projection techniques were harmed in anyway. What is even more important is that they followed those people for the last three years. Not a single participant have complained of any problems.

Now that any fears or concerns should be put to rest, it is time to take a look at a few different astral projection techniques that are fairly easy and have been successful for a lot of people. The first is what is known as the Monroe Technique. There are seven main steps to this astral projection technique:-

* Relaxing mind and body is a must. Many techniques for learning to relax are available for you to use. Deep breathing is a simple one to use and is just deep breathing, slow and calm. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply. Relax all your muscles bodily, one at a time, alternately tensing and relaxing them. You can start down at your toes and work your way up.

* Enter into the hynagogic state. This is simply the where your mind and body are bordering going to sleep. You don’t want to go to sleep. You can use the gazing method to do this. Focus on an object as you lay in bed, and keep staring at it until your eyes close and you are still able to see the object.

* You see the object, your eyes are closed and now you need to move to a deeper state of relaxation. Look around, with your eyes closed and try to see other images in the room. The possibility is that you may see different and varied light patterns. The room may be clothed in a purple light, ignore it. But once you have seen the purple light, you will know you have entered a deeper state of relaxation. Completely relaxed, the awareness of your physical body will no longer be there and an important technique of astral projection, according to the Monroe.

* From what Monroe says, this is the most vital of the seven techniques of astral projection. The state of Vibration is the next to accomplish. People who have practiced the techniques of astral projection have noticed they feel these vibrations early into the projections. These people believe the feelings experienced is believed by them that this is the feeling when the astral body leaves your physical body. Nothing to be alarmed about, it is the vibrations you feel.

* Control the state of vibration. To do this focus on the vibrations and make them move through your body. Do this with your mind, you want your entire body to feel the vibrations, as if waves are washing over you. Keep practicing this until you are able to bring these waves on when you want to. Once you are able to create these waves on demand you are ready to leave the body.

* A vital component to successful astral projection and astral travel is control. Having control is that the one in power, is your mind . Monroe recommends practicing a “partial separation” to strengthen this control. Keeping mentally focused on leaving the physical body. Starting with a part of the body, like a foot or hand. Let it go the astral body. Stretching it to reach an object near you, maybe the wall, floor or another familiar object. Push your hand or foot through. After accomplishing this return your foot or hand back to the physical body Now you start to slow the vibrations and end the session. Lay down until your body has returned fully to an awakened state.

* With this step you will finally leave your body. Follow steps one through six. This time your whole body will be used, not just a foot. Move completely into your astral body. A simple adjustment to step six is required. This time you are focusing on releasing the astral body instead of one appendage. Focus on releasing the astral body Thinking how light it feels. As weightless as a cloud, you can float like a feather in a light breeze. Now the astral body should move out and away from the physical body, you feel as though you are floating, or even flying.

There are more ways you can attempt this, as in the Gazing Method, the Anchor Technique, and the Rope Technique. Try out some different methods to discover which one will be best for you. An astral projection technique exists for everyone.

You will see though that not all people are able to do astral project right off the bat using the techniques listed and a lot of practice is required for some of these.

Fortunately there is a shortcut! With recent developments in sound technology, there are a lot of audio tools around which can help you. These new techniques use special sound frequencies known as Binaural beats, which synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain, putting you instantly into the meditative state, needed for astral projection.

You can us quality astral projection technique recordings to induce a totally relaxed hypnotic state. These recordings reinforce to the subconscious mind it’s okay to astral project your body from your physical body.

Astral projection, truly an experience for anyone who tries it. And with these techniques it’s possible for everyone, who wishes to, to experience it.

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