Astral Projecting To Infinity And Beyond

When you are new to astral projecting you will need to come to a deeper understanding of the process and to work through challenges before you can be successful. One of the first things you have to understand is that everyone has the ability to astral project. It is not a special ability or even something new that you have to learn. It is a natural ability, but you have to fine tune it. You need to perfect the skill and work with it to achieve success. It can be compared to riding a bike because even if you have not done it in a while, you still have the skill and can get started again with a little practice.

A common challenge that people face when beginning astral projection is relaxation. In order to be successful at astral projection you have to be deeply relaxed in both mind and body. You are going to need to practice this. There are many techniques that you can use to help your mind and body relax. Both breathing and muscle relaxation techniques can be used.

Since relaxation is such a common challenge, it is important to understand that the environment can play a large role in helping you to relax. If your environment is relaxing then it will be much easier for you to relax. To help prepare and get the most from your efforts to relax here are some tips.

*Take off any jewelry and change out of any clothing which is restrictive or uncomfortable. Many choose to remove their clothes before astral projecting, but the important thing here is to make yourself comfortable so that you can relax fully.

*You need a dimply lit or dark room for astral projecting – not so dark that you cant see anything, but certainly dark enough that you dont have light penetrating through your closed eyelids.

*Figure out what direction is north before starting. You want to position the room so that you can comfortably lie with your head to the north and your feet tot he south. Watch the sun if you need help. The sun rises in the east and sets in the south.

*Temperature is important. Make sure that your clothes do not make you too hot or too cold. You should also adjust the temperature of the room if you can so that it is comfortable.

*Choose a place for your astral projecting which is quiet, peaceful and free of distractions.

*You should be ready for relaxation now. You will be using the relaxation techniques to help you do this.

*Some like to keep a record of the happenings while they are astral projecting and this would be recommended. You will need to remind yourself to commit to memory everything that happens while you are astral projecting yourself. When you are back, you can record this in a note book specifically for this purpose.

*Slow your body down by taking deep breaths.

*Also focus on the darkness before you as you go through the session.

*Move your focus to about a foot away and then to six feet away. Focus on this point and ensure that you focus first a foot away and then six feet away.

*It is time now to change your point to a ninety degree angle up from your body. Keep this point in your head and continue to relax.

You must continue to keep yourself focused. You can have better success in astral projecting if you keep these tips in mind. You must also have to maintain a hold of yourself as you will be able to do what you want if you maintain this hold so you will not be floating in nothingness.

Some of those who astral project do this so they may speak to their family that has passed away and are no longer with them. Many do this in order to take care of matter that would not be able to happen in the real world. Many who do even know they have done. It is thought that we all have astral projected at one time or another. Some of the more vivid dreams may actually have been an out of body experience. If you can train yourself to do this while conscious, you will have better odds of remembering the session and what happened while you were doing it.

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