Articulating TV Wall Mounts Provide Solutions To Difficult Mounting Situations.

Flat screen TV wall mounts which articulate can provide much greater flexibility of viewing positions, your room can be setup to be comfortable and flexible without requiring chairs and seating to remain in fixed positions in the room just because that is the best position for watching TV.

This is one of the major advantages of an articulated wall mount over a fixed position on the wall or on a fixed base mount.

With many first class manufacturers making a variety of different models of wall mounts it is necessary to considering some of the attributes of the different models available.

Classifying these wall mounts is best done by considering the size and weight of the television they are designed to support, size is probably of most importance since nearly all tv weights are catered for by the manufacturers specifications, the ability to fully articulate a large (over 40 inch) screen is something only a some wall mounts are capable of and you need to be aware of this limitation.

Swivel and tilt capacity should be part of a fully articulating wall mount but many screens only allow swivel and others only provide for tilt. If you are planning to mount the TV higher on the wall out of the way you will certainly require both swivel and tilt.

The extra expense involved in purchasing a wall mount that can move in more than one plane is justified only if you really need the TV to be able to move in all four directions (up/down; in/out; left/right; and tilt.). Perhaps movement is only required in two of these and therefore the cost will usually be lower

It is also worth considering that not all situations or rooms require the same wall mount capabilities, in the bedroom or kitchen the TV may be mounted much higher than normal and may require a larger degree of tilt movement than a TV that is mounted just above normal viewing height.

A tilt mount allows movement in a tilting up and down movement while a swivel bracket allows swivel from side to side often about a fixed reference point where an articulated mount should allow both directions often simultaneously.

There are sometimes large differences in the degree of movement and you should be sure and check on the mount that you are considering making sure that it is capable of providing the movement you want for your television.

The use of wall mounts is increasing as people purchase a second or third flat screen TV or monitor for use in rooms other than the entertainment room. The space taken up by a floor standing TV unit is often not available in other situations and a wall mount becomes the obvious choice.

Fixed wall mounts are quite restrictive in the viewing positions that they can provide and do not help where you may want to move the TV so that you can view it from completely different parts of the room. Such a situation could occur in the kitchen where you may want to be able to see the TV whilst at the stove and then later whilst sitting at the dinner table o the other side of the room; in this situation the articulating wall mount or even a ceiling mount that can fully articulate is required.

Often the best position for viewing is if the TV is positioned in the corner of the room and the Articulating wall mount allows this to occur; without seeming to take over the whole room, by allowing the TV to be stowed against one wall and moved out to its corner straddling position when required.

Regardless of what your viewing situation the articulated wall mount is often able to solve your television mounting problem.

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