Article Submission The Key To Success

With the power of article marketing being such a valuable tool it is a much sought after technique that is used by thousands of people to make extra cash online. In order to be a successful affiliate marketer it is essential that you are utilizing article submission to the highest degree to ensure that your article marketing degree makes money. In this specific article I will outline the main aspects of article marketing that need to be followed to ensure a successful campaign.

It is all about volume when it comes to article submission and the twenty free directory sites are just not going to cut it. In order to get the full power of article marketing you need to have your articles posted to hundreds and thousands of directory sites. Sure it is possible to do this manually but it will take you months to do so.

Now you can not submit the same article to each directory for you will make Google an unhappy customer and your article will not show up in their listings for very long. This means that each article has to be spun to get the full benefit of article marketing. This does not mean changing a word here or there but the entire article needs to be substantially different from each other from titles to content to the resource boxes. Submit the same article over and over is just a complete waste of time.

The time it takes to write a article than spin it and then submit it to hundreds of directories can take a long time unless you are using the proper article submission tool. Unique Article Wizard makes it easy for you just need to submit three articles, plug in the right keywords and categories than the software submits hundreds of unique articles to hundreds of article directories and sites.

Unique Article Wizard is all about building back links to your product and a single article submission can build hundreds of back links very quickly. A popular technique is once the original article has been submitted simply rewrite the same article again and hundreds of back links again will be directed to your affiliate marketing campaign.

To be competitive in affiliate marketing it is essential that you are using your time properly and that the efforts that you are putting into your campaigns are positive. With Unique Article Wizard I am able to get my articles in front of a ton of people and send my site up the Google ladder. If you want to get the most out of article marketing and make money in affiliate marketing it is essential that you are using the right article submission tool.

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