Article Submission – A Tips You Must Know

Increasing the number of backlinks is very important to get a good page rank for your site and this can be achieved through article submission. There are so many article directories on the internet in which you can post the articles with the links to your site and these links are kept in the resource boxes, meant for them.

First of all, you should write a good article which should be informational and helpful to the people. Then only people will be attracted towards your site. Don’t include unnecessary points in your article. Make your article relevant to the content of your page. For example if you are selling cat toys, make the title of the article as, ‘Reviews on various toys children use’. Make sure that your article does not contain any spelling error. If not, you will be emailed to make necessary corrections. If you are not good in English, then you may hire somebody else to write for you who will produce quality articles for you.

Give an interesting title to your article to catch the attention of the reader. You should select a unique title that is not already taken. The summary should represent the content of the article. Some people use the first paragraph as the summary. However, if you want to avoid duplication, then you should write an exclusive summary.

Make your article based on keywords which should be repeated naturally along the passage two or three times. If you are unable to select relevant keywords, you may use a keyword suggest tool. If you choose a keyword that has a less competition, then you have more chance of getting your pages listed with top priority. You need not worry, if you do not know to write a quality article. There are some SEO companies ready to help your with their article writer who produce quality content and submit in the directories.

Go through the portfolio, read customer reviews and terms and conditions before hiring a SEO company. Customer reviews may be got from the internet. If you want to hire an SEO company, ABC, then search for SEO company ABC reviews or SEO Company ABC Scam in the search engines. It will give you a list of result that has the reviews. You may go through them to see how they are performing. Also you should compare the article submission among various other companies. If you have more number of sites, then they may offer you a discount, regarding which you may negotiate with the company.

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