Article Marketing Tips – Simple Must Haves To Pull Traffic

Article marketing does not require a professional writer. By writing and submitting free reprint articles to online and in-print publications, anyone can be successful in building their business and gaining credibility as an expert in their industry or area of expertise.

The idea is that you can increase your exposure by having your contents reproduced around the Internet. Your are rewarded with one-way incoming links from the resource box, you don’t have to reciprocate as you would with link exchanges, which in theory should reward you with better search engine rankings.

Having a process in place makes organizing article submission so much easier and removes the confusion of where of what to do first. The following guide will take you through an article submission project step-by-step.

1. Before submitting your articles to directories, be sure to proofread them well. Make sure you have a catchy title and a by-line that compels readers to take action.

2. Use a text to html tool to format your by-line so that your URL will appear live when your article is posted on a site.

3. Collect the information you’ll need for most submission sites including: title, author name, address, phone number, e-mail, website URL, topic, two line summary of the article, word count, line count, article URL, auto responder address (if available), document file names and 10-15 keywords.

4. Make a list of the type of submission sites appropriate for your article. I use EzineAnnouncer to collect and keep track of my submission list and I always write down the categories that are a match for my article. My latest submission qualified for more than 400 sites but your success depends upon your article topic.

5. Begin submitting to sites that allow article submission by e-mail. Never send an attachment unless asked. Incorporate the entire article into the e-mail and include an option for the recipient to opt-out of your list.

6. Sign-up for all new submission sites on your list that require registration. Typically, you have to wait for a confirmation e-mail before submitting. You can move on to the next step while you wait.

7. Submit to all the article sites you have registered for and to all sites not needing registration but offering a submission form.

8. Check your e-mail, confirm your new accounts and visit those sites to add your articles. Keep track of your login and password for each site.

9. You have to update your submission list if necessary by removing or correcting bounced e-mail addresses and URL errors. You will also need to add your new submission sites to your list.

10. Make a report to keep on your computer with the name and URL of the sites you used for submission. Update this list when you submit your older articles to newly discovered sites.

As you might know information is the powerful. The key to success in article marketing lies in you ability to reach your target audience with resourceful information that is valuable to them.

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