Arizona real estate is well worth your time if you are considering moving to a new state. We have put together a summary of what Arizona has to offer, as well as an overview of the FSBO real estate market in the state.

Phoenix is by far the largest city in Arizona and it is growing fast. Phoenix is already the 6th biggest metropolis in the country and it is Arizona’s state capital. In fact, Phoenix’s phenomenal growth, has actually overwhelmed Tempe and Scottsdale, it’s neighboring towns. There is often a criticism of Phoenix that it has no real culture or history since it has a very new atmosphere about it.

Phoenix is home to a number of sports, so an interest in attending such events is satisfied here. Whether your favorite is basketball, baseball, or football, Phoenix has a professional team for you. Phoenix even has a professional ice hockey team, the Phoenix Coyotes. It is hard to believe that a NHL team can exist in a desert, but it can!

If you’re looking for warm weather, Phoenix is the place. You can expect temperatures of 100 or higher during Phoenix’s summer months, but humidity is generally nonexistent. In the winter, the average temperature during the day, typically hovers in the 70s, and when the sun goes down, you will find the nights to be quite cool.

Flagstaff is another great city, but it is different than Phoenix with a Wild West, historic atmosphere. Flagstaff, located on the world renown Route 66, is home to Arizona State University, and is thus known as a college town. The University, better known as “ASU”, has over 30,000 students who more or less dominate Flagstaff.

If you are thinking of purchasing a home in Arizona, you should know that the prices are better there than just about anywhere else. You will find that the low $300,000s, is the typical average home price. Arizona has, however, become a hot real estate market with home values appreciating over 25% in the last 12 months.

The heat index in the state means you either love it or hate it here. If you prefer hot, sunny days, Arizona real estate may be a very good investment.

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