Are You Looking For A Way To Burn Fat Fast And Lose Weight? Eat Breakfast!

Your mother, your high school health teacher, and the guys who make cereal advertisements for television have all told you countless times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, this time the cereal guys are right. Breakfast really is more important than any other meal of the day, whether you are looking for the best fat burning diet plan, if you want to keep your focus for the big meeting, or study for an exam.

Have you ever really thought about the time between meals? Consider this if you ate your last meal by no later than nine pm and then do not eat again until lunch you have gone without fuel for the body for nearly 16 hours! No wonder you have trouble concentrating! When you partake of breakfast, you will have energy and focus you need to get the day started right.

Food in the morning keeps your synapses firing. The nervous system and the brain need a constant supply of glucose for proper function. Without breakfast your memory, analytical ability and cognition may not function normally.

Breakfast prevents binge eating. When you skip breakfast, you naturally get very hungry before lunch time. Studies have shown that this encourages overeating and poor food choices – when you are excessively hungry, you are more likely to choose foods that are unhealthy and contribute to weight gain. Eating a healthy breakfast controls your hunger and has also been shown to limit stress eating.

Often times when people want to lose weight they think skipping breakfast will lower their caloric intake and lead to quicker weight loss. However, the opposite is more likely to occur. You must understand when the body senses a lack of food it goes into what is called starvation mode. This will down shift your metabolism to conserve fat stores until times are better.

By skipping breakfast, you slow your metabolism and inhibit your ability to use the calories that you consume, thereby leading to weight gain. By eating a sensible breakfast, you can kick-start your metabolism and improve your body’s fat-burning ability.

What kinds of food should you eat for breakfast while on a diet? For starters, breakfast foods should be something you like. This does not mean anything goes however, you may like cream filled donuts, bacon, eggs and coffee but that does not mean they are the best choice for weight loss. Try one of the following instead:

Cereal: Hot or cold, whole-grain cereals are the perfect breakfast food. They are packed with nutrients and can keep you feeling full and satisfied until lunchtime. Skip the over-sugared kiddie stuff and look for unsweetened varieties; dress them up with fruits or honey, and you have a nutritional powerhouse that can keep you going all morning.

Eggs: Despite their bad rap as cholesterol-laden time bombs, eggs are actually an extraordinary food. They are packed with protein and essential vitamins, and when they are poached or boiled, they are also heart-healthy. Eating eggs with whole-grain toast will keep you satisfied all morning long.

Yogurt: One serving of yogurt contains many healthy nutrients including calcium. Add a healthy bagel or some whole grain toast and you have a nutrient rich satisfying breakfast.

If you are not a big breakfast fan, you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional breakfast foods. Let your imagination be your guide, and choose fat burning diets that are low in refined sugars and animal fats. By selecting foods you enjoy, you can make breakfast something to look forward to rather than one more chore to get through in the morning.

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