Are You Emotionally Prepared To Start A Business?

Are you really prepared for the emotional roller coaster of running a business?

While preparing for a tele-class recently, I created a quote to kick off the call that I thought would be an appropriate way to begin this article:

“PLANNING to succeed is as much of an emotional commitment as it is a physical one.”

So before you move onto the physical action of BUSINESS PLANNING, I’d like to discuss the emotional aspects of this process in a way that will help you prepare yourself and ensure that you are ready to succeed.

The emotional roller coaster of business can be very trying and is akin to having a child. This is why many business owners, like myself, refer to businesses or products in their “infancy” when we develop a new project or idea that we are passionate about. We still go through the terrible two’s, rotten fives, and the rebellious teens-so why do all of that for business, if you aren’t in love with the WHY or passionate enough to carry it through no matter what the circumstance.

Emotional Clarity is paramount to the development of your “BIG PICTURE”. There is no point in trying to get there if you are unclear as to why you are going there in the first place.

There will be many opportunities to explore your professional growth as you begin to focus on the big picture, but the final destination is usually one with many ups and downs, so you are best to limit the stress associated with the ups and downs as early as possible.

Below, I have listed three critical components to assist you with the emotional arrival of your final destination. These include:

1. Be aware of your Intentions/Passion

2. Always Proceed with Absolute Clarity

3. Think Big (ignore the “What If’s” (or the alter ego)

More About Intentions and Passion:

Your intentions and passion will always fuel even the darkest days in your business. They are your saving grace. So PLEASE ensure that you assess these very closely and recognize what they are before you start your business.

Ideally – you will not run a business that you are not passionate about – but if you have strong intentions to start a business that you can step away from EARLY on in the game….then this isn’t so much of an issue.

So What Exactly Do You Need To Be Clear About?

I will be blunt. You have no chance of succeeding in a business that you are have no clarity about.

If you don’t know what products or services you will offer – how can you promote them?

If you don’t know what limitations you have with those products or services and a PLAN to support people who need more than those limitations – how can you meet the needs of ALL CUSTOMERS?

If you don’t know how you will grow the business; how could you ever expect to?

Do you understand? You MUST BE CLEAR!

More About Thinking Big:

Thinking Big has been reserved for dreamers only right? WRONG! Thinking big is the only way to envision where your business will be in 3, 5 or 10 years! Once you have that vision you can reverse engineer how you can get there.

But try starting small and then working your way up to the big dream first… its WAY HARDER! Trust me I have tried this myself one too many times to know.

So please take a moment today to figure out what it is you want from your business and how you expect it to turn out.

Spare yourself the headaches and trauma of being lost and without hope in your business.

You will thank yourself for it later.

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